Zendesk Found a Data Breach from 2016

Zendesk got hacked

Date: 03 – October – 2019


Zendesk just disclosed that they found on September 24 a data breach that occurred on the 1st of November 2016, this affected the information of 10,000 Zendesk Support and Chat accounts, some of the accounts are expired trial and accounts that are no longer active. 


The information that was compromised includes some PII [ Personally Identifiable Information] like names, email addresses, contact numbers and hashed & salted passwords of end-users and agents.


Also, TLS encryption keys and configuration settings of apps form about 700 customer accounts, [this includes expired trial accounts and accounts that are no longer active] were accessed.


Zendesk informed that they will be implementing password rotations for the users who have not done it since November 1st, 2016 and reassured that the accounts that were created after that date are not affected.