YouTube modify the new verification requirements after creators complaints

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Date: 22 – September – 2019


On Friday the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki apologized via Twitter with the creator community over the decision of YouTube to remove the verification badge on the channels of different creators. 

She wrote: “To our creators & users–I’m sorry for the frustration & hurt that we caused with our new approach to verification. While trying to make improvements, we missed the mark. As I write this, we’re working to address your concerns & we’ll have more updates soon.”



This message came after different creators posted videos complaining about receiving a YouTube email informing them that their channels will lose the verified status because they do not meet the new eligibility requirements for channel verification.

The verification badge is a small mark that appears next to the YouTube name and validates it as an “original” channel.

Verification badge YouTube

After her apology,  Susan Wojcicki wrote that the Channels that currently have the verification badge will not lose it and it’s not necessary to appeal anymore, she also clarified the requirements for have a channel verified, first the channel must reach the 100K subscribers, also it will be necessary to prove Authenticity (the channel must represent a real creator, brand or entity that it claims to be) and the channel must be Complete (that means that the channel must be public, have a description, channel icon, content and be active).

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New Verification Process for YouTube Channels

Finally, she informed that the changes in the look of the badge will roll out until next year, currently, the channels that are verified have a checkmark next to their name, in the new version that is coming next year it will be a new look that will help to distinguish between a verified channel from an unverified one.  

new youtube badge
New Verification Badge for Next Year

But what is the real weight of the verification badge for a YouTube creator?

For most of them, it’s a game-changer, have your channel verified it’s something really important for any YouTube creator, the verification offers a great protection against impersonations and gives you certain authority and validation, once you are making videos with a considerable amount of views people will try to scam, discredit, hurt the image of the channel and more, the verification badge allows people to see in that moment if its the “real creator” or not the one who is making that comment or promoting that video.

Monetization: YouTube is not uncommon to find replicated content by other channels, if the “original” channel does not have a verification badge it will be really difficult for the viewers to know which one is the original source and the video with more views earns more money via ads.

Partnerships and sponsors: One of the first things that businesses do when looking for a YouTube Channel or YouTube Influencer to work with is to check if the channel is verified, if not, it could be a deal-breaker because the company could be at risk of being scammed by a person “impersonating” the channel that they were looking to work with.

Comments: Every time a verified account writes a comment the name appears with a checkmark next to it and it’s highlighted in gray, this way the community knows that it comes from that specific Youtuber or Channel and it’s an “officialmessage