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The world as today has become a digital machine, even the traditional media like TV, Radio and Print Press have had to evolve to adapt to the digital era, now most of these companies have an online presence from websites, Social Media Accounts to streaming services, but why?

More than 4 billon.

Well, let’s check some data, for example, the number of Internet users in 2018 was about 4,021 billion people, but not only that, on average a person spends 6 hours per day connected to the Internet, that means 2,520 minutes per week or 129,600 minutes per year, minutes in which someone could find your site, give a like to your Facebook page, look for a review of your product, search for your services or contact you directly.

About products, 69% of consumers worldwide between 18 and 39 years old, use their mobile devices to research products before buying them, in other words, the 69% of consumers are looking for reviews about something they have already the intention to buy, you need to have an online presence to increase the possibility that they choose your product.

Where are the advertisers placing their advertising budgets?

According to a forecast from advertising measurement company Zenith, during 2019 globally, the advertisers are expected to spend $60 billion more on Internet Ads than on TV Ads, and this is a first, but why are they choosing Internet over TV?

Well, the answer is quite simple once we see the numbers, first it’s the high number of people who are on the Internet, remember, we are talking about a Universe of 4,021 billion people and increasing, that number is something that can’t be reached by any of the TV, Radio or Print Press companies.

Is that all, just the number of people? No, that’s just the first part of the answer the second part is that the Internet Ads offers something that can’t be offered by the “traditional media”, and that is personalization.

What is Ad Personalization? 
Ad Personalization 
is showing your Ad to the correct people, not just to as many people as possible, but instead to the correct ones, thanks to Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Google we can now choose the right people to show the Ads, increasing your ROI when you compare it to other Marketing strategies.

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