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WhatsApp has become an essential part of our daily life, it’s “The App” for communication, if you need to contact a member of your family, ask a question to a friend or receive an important message from your boss, the fastest, most reliable and easier way to do it is using WhatsApp, and now you can use it for your business.  

At the end of the 90s and begging of the new Century a must for every business was to have at least one telephone line and a fax machine, then with the invention of the Internet, businesses also needed a website and an email [this last one replaced the fax machine], and those have been the minimum requirements for most business (telephone, website and email), but now as the Millennial and Z generations are growing the use of phone calls is decreasing, these generations doesn’t like to communicate by dialling to a number and talking directly to someone on the other side of the line, instead, they prefer to communicate using text messages on chats, and that’s one of the reasons why WhatsApp is used worldwide [with some exceptions like China where they use WeChat and Line].

As a business, WhatsApp offers you the possibility to personalize the contact with your clients, for example, the airline KLM has a WhatsApp for Business number, and they use this number to send to each passenger their flight ticket, inform them about any change on the flight schedule and even tell them which gate they will depart.

Won’t you like your business to be able to offer a similar experience to your clients, a personalized experience?

Some of the features of the business version of WhatsApp offers are:

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  • Business Profile: You can show important information as the company’s website, email and address.
  • Statistics: Show how many messages have been sent, received, delivered and read.
  • Automatic Messages: Send a greeting message when someone contacts you for the first time, also you can create fast replies.


  • Short link: A special URL that allows customers to start a WhatsApp chat with you.


  • Labels: An very easy and visual way to organize the chats with your customers.


WhatsApp for Business is the first formal approach that Facebook (parent company of WhatsApp) has done to develop an instant communication system focused on business and it’s totally free. This application still has room for improvements, but as it is today is already a really powerful tool for all business.

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