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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Reddit are not just the sites where people spend a few minutes now and then to distract, actually, they are a very powerful tool to grow your business if you know how to use it. Social Media is the easiest way to drive traffic to your website, and it’s not just any kind of traffic, this traffic comes from people who are interested in your product or services and have a higher possibility of conversion.

When you are using Social Media Marketing, the audience is specific and well segmented, that’s the reason why is very cost-effective compared to any of the other options.

With SMM, you can show your Ad to 1000 people who are interested in your product instead of showing it to the same number of people who might or might not be interested and that’s a key difference when you compare Social Media Marketing to the Traditional Marketing that uses TV, Radio or Print Press.

Talking about Facebook the Universe of people that were monthly active users during 2018 was of 2.27 billion users Worldwide; this Universe is segmented by interest, age ranges and locations, and that’s a great thing for Digital Marketing!

Here is an example: You are the owner of a restaurant, but from 4 pm to 7 pm is almost empty so you would like to increase the number of customers during this hours, in order to do it you are offering a discount for a coffee and a slice of cake just during those hours.

One option is publish this discount is to buy an expensive Ad on the radio that will appear just 3 times during that period of time, this Ad will be broadcasted to everyone that the radio signal could reach, even if they are more than 3 hours far away from your restaurant; if you take this route, you should consider some disadvantages like even if the audience it’s big, it’s not segmented by specific interests, also your Ad will only last for a few seconds on the air and there is no way for the audience to save it or share it with their friends or colleges to got here later.

Instead if you post your Ad on Facebook you can target people who are close enough to get to your restaurant during those 3 hours for the discount, also people who like coffee and cakes, exactly what you are offering, your audience can easily save the post and share it with their friends and colleges to visit your restaurant, by using Facebook this way it becomes really cost-effective and it’s a better strategy that just placing your Ad on the radio.

The power of posting.
What is the power of posting on Social Media? Well, in case of Facebook a single post could have the possibility to reach 2.27 billion of active users, but if I tell you that your post will reach ALL OF THEM that will be a lie.

The reality is that what will determine the number of people your post will reach are factors like what are you are posting about, who likes your page, the number of shares of the post, the time of the posting and if it’s boost or not.

The real power of posting unleashes on the moment someone clicks the share and/or like buttons, let me explain, if you have 100 followers you post will appear on their feed, on average everyone on Facebook have 115 friends, if 30 of your followers like and share your post, it will appear on their own feed, if 50 of their friends see the repost you have now an audience of 1500 people, meaning that now your potential customers have grown from 100 to 1500.

Other of the beautiful things of Social Media is that you can do cross platforms, your original post on Facebook can be shared directly on your Twitter and Instagram accounts, increasing again your audience.

The power of boosting posts.
Now that we have explored the power of posting on Social Media, let’s talk about the power of boosting your post, this option is only available for the Business Accounts, and will allow you to invest money on the platform in order to promote your post, yes I said invest instead of spend, and here is why, if the results of a direct share from the people who likes your page in Facebook was 100 to 1500, with the boost option this number increases exponentially, the post will appear not only to people who are following you, but also to the people who are not following you but have an specific interest or are in an specific location.

Instead of reaching only 100 people from posting on your page, when you are boosting it your post it will appear to 1000 people or more (depending on the specifications that you choose) with this method you will increase the number of potential customers, increase your brand awareness and you your sales, this method usually have a very high ROI rate.


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