Two New Ways to Target Your Audience on Google Ads

Google Search

Date: 15 – October – 2019


Google Ads will be rolling out during the next weeks two new ways to help you better reach your ideal customer on Google Search, the new tools are “affinity audiences” and “seasonal event segments for in-market audiences”.


Affinity audiences will help you to engage with people who have a strong interest in your products, by raising their awareness and consideration, 


“For instance, let’s say you sell camping gear. To reach avid campers, you can pair an affinity audience like “Outdoor Enthusiast” with generic camping keywords. By adding this additional audience layer, you can reach people who are not only searching for camping products, but are also passionate about the great outdoors.”


Google also said that the use of Affinity audiences helped Volkswagen to achieve a 250% increase in conversion rate when compared with the non-audience traffic. 

Seasonal event segments for in-market audiences


As its name implies, are seasonal segments for in-market audiences on Search and YouTube, this way you can reach people with special offers during the holidays, as an example Google said that “Toyota used the Black Friday and Christmas segments to focus on shoppers actively looking for their next car. By using these segments the brand saw a 67% increase in conversion rate and a 34% reduction in cost per conversion.”