Twitter Will Block Accounts Used for Financial Scams


Date: 23 – September – 2019


Twitter announced today a new policy that prohibits the use of the platform for “financial scams tactics” like impersonating a public figure or an organization, impersonating financial institutions or offering fraudulent discounts in exchange of money or private financial information. 

This kind of scams have been a continuous problem on the platform, one of the most common scams is related to cryptocurrencies, where fake accounts impersonate public figures like prominent YouTubers to even high-profile people as Elon Musk, saying that they will send a large amount of cryptocurrencies if you send a small amount to a determined wallet first. 

Other examples of usual scams are fraudulent discounts, money flipping schemes, and impersonations for phishing purposes. 

Twitter made clear that claims relating to the sale of goods, disputed refunds and complains of poorquality goods will not be in violation of the policy.

To report content that violates this policy you must select the option “Report Tweet” and then select “It’s suspicious or spam”.

The consequences in case of violating the policy will depend on the severity of the violation, it can go from Anti-spam challenges where you need to provide additional information as a phone number or solve reCHAPTA, blacklisting URLs, deletion of the tweet, temporary lock of the account or even permanent suspension of the account

We hope that this new policy will help to make Twitter a better place for everyone.