Redesigned Microsoft Advertising Platform Interface

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Date: 23 – October – 2019


Microsoft announced today that they have redesigned the Advertising Platform interface to modernize its look, feel, and functionality, with the goal to help you more easy and intuitive manage the ads.


Now there will be a new global menu bar that appears on the top of every page, that will allow you to switch accounts, and give you quick access to tools like ad preview, shared library, conversion tracking, Google Import, and more.


The main menu on the far left, provides quick access to the campaigns, the page menus will adapt to only display the pages and data applicable to your campaign.


With this redesign, Microsoft Advertising will become a member of the Microsoft Fluent design community, that provides a clean, light, and open ecosystem.


The other two changes that are coming are a new account tab, where you will be able to manage all your accounts and an update to the dropdown gear menu, that will allow you to access your billing and account access settings.

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