The Google Search Algorithm Update that never was

Google core update

Last week the SEO community was chattering about a possible update in the Google Search Algorithm because there are signs that make us think that this is a huge algorithm update. 


But on February 13th, Danny Sullivan said via Twitter that they do updates all the time and, he linked to a tweet where they explain the different kinds of updates, you can divide updates into two types daily updates (usually are small and happens all the time) and core algorithm updates (these happens not so often and are a major event).


In this case, it seems that this tremor was caused by a group of daily algorithm updates and on February 10th it seems that the Discover Feed was having issues because it was showing pages that were previously banned from Discover


Some ranking check tools showed signs of major rank fluctuations during these past days, now it seems that everything was back to normal.


Algoroo showed a spike from 11 to 13th. 

Algorithm Upsate

RankRanger showed fluctuations.

Algorithm Upsate2

Cognitiveseo also showed changes.

Algorithm Upsate3