The Justice Department Intends to Investigate Facebook

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Fecha: 25 – September – 2019


The Justice Department will investigate Facebook even if the Federal Trade Commission has already an investigation in progress.

The Justice Department will launch its own investigation against Facebook, they will focus on separate conduct from what the Federal Trade Commission is already investigating, this probe is also aside from the House Judiciary Committee and the State Attorneys General’s ones.

According to Bloomberg, U.S. Attorney General William Barr, overridden the agreement between the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department that was reached in May where they decided that the Federal Trade Commission will investigate Facebook and Amazon while the Justice Department focus on Google and Apple. This agreement didn’t cover all conducted by the four companies, so there is a possibility that the Justice Department could also investigate the business practices of Amazon.

Now Facebook will have to face four investigations at the same time, two of which are from federal agencies, but this does not seem to bother the tech giant, as it continues to do what could be considered as “risky business” decisions, just yesterday Facebook announced the acquisition of the startup CTRL-Lab, these types of acquisitions are similar to the ones that the Federal Trade Commission is investigating because they could be anti-competitive.