New user settings on Google Search Console

Two new features for Google Search Console, which will let website owners have a more granular control over the information that they receive about their website performance on their inboxes.

Google Will use Mobile-First Indexing for all websites

Google announced today that by September 2020 they will use mobile-first indexing for all websites, so far 70% of all the websites are already shifted over, and meantime they will continue to move sites when the system detects that the website is ready.

Download All Your Data from Google Search Console


Yes, finally it’s here! For years webmasters and web owners have had this little issue with Google Search Console, when you wanted to download your data from the Search Console to analyze it further somewhere else you were only able to download specific table views, now, you will be able to download complete sets of data.

Check your review snippets using Google Search Console


Google announced today that now you can check your review snippets using Google Search Console, also you can use it to find and fix issues in with their implementation and it provides a performance report where you can find metrics like impressions, clicks, and CTR.

Remove Pages, Update Snippets and SafeSearch using Google Search Console

Google announced today that they have a new version of their Removal Report in Google Search Console, this tool allows you to temporarily remove pages from Google Search, track the requests of outdated content and also show the pages on your site that have been flagged because contains adult content.