Snapchat Dynamic Ads


Date: 19 – October – 2019


Snapchat rolled out Dynamic Ads, this new type of ads could be a great tool for eCommerce advertisers, because the ads get  in sync with the product catalog and are able to adjust accordingly to changes on it, like availability or price of the products, the ads system will display your products to relevant audiences, this way you can run “always-on” campaigns.


Dynamic Ads allows you to use templates designed to showcase products visually, making your ads look great and native to the platform, also, the use of templates helps you to reduce the time you spend on creating ads. 


According to Snapchat, when the company Shady Rays implemented the Dynamic Ads campaigns, they achieve a 66% decrease in Cost Per Purchase and a 286% increase in ROAS.


When the online fashion boutique Princess Polly implemented the Dynamic Ads, they saw a 66% decrease in cost per purchase and a 171% increase in ROAS, compared to their similar campaign simultaneously running the U.S.


Dynamic Ads will be in open beta in the coming weeks, for any advertiser in the United States and in the coming months it will be launched in other countries.