Remove Pages, Update Snippets and SafeSearch using Google Search Console

New Removals report in Search Console sk dm news

Google announced today that they have a new version of their Removal Report in Google Search Console, this tool allows you to temporarily remove pages from Google Search, track the requests of outdated content and also show the pages on your site that have been flagged because contains adult content.

To access these tools just go to your Google Search Console and click on the “Removals” section, there you will be able to access the temporary removals, outdated content and SafeSearch filtering requests. 

temporary removals

Temporary removals


Here you can request Google to remove specific content on your site from Google Search Results, use it when you need to remove a specific URL quickly, however, a successful remove request will last about six months so you can develop a permanent solution for that page. 


Here also you can find the “Clear cache URL” tool, this will allow you to keep the URL in Google Search results, and only wipe the snippet and cached version until it’s crawled again, very useful in case you made a mistake in your snippet.

temporary removals request

Outdated content

In this section, you will find information about the removal requests made through the public Remove Outdated Content tool that allows anyone to update Search Results that show information that’s no longer in the specific page.

outdated content

SafeSearch filtering

Here you will find the pages that have been reported by Google users as adult content, these URLs will be reviewed and tagged as adult content in case Google feels that the content should be filtered from SafeSearch results.

safesearch filtering