Project Voldemort - Snapchat dossier against Facebook

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Date: 24 – September – 2019


The Wall Street Journal reported that Snapchat’s parent company Snap is working with the Federal Trade Commission on their investigation of Facebook’s anticompetitive tactics, they also reported that the FTC has made contact with dozens of tech executives and app developers as part of a probe into Facebook business tactics.

According to the information of the Wall Street Journal, Snap has a dossier of evidence of Facebook’s anticompetitive tactics, the dossier is named “Project Voldemort” and in this document they have evidence of different tactics used by Facebook such as preventing that Snapchat-related content trends on Instagram, the blocking of search terms related to Snapchat and even suggestions made to influencers that if they posted Snapchat links to their profiles they could lose the verified status on Instagram

The FTC is also investigating the copycat behavior of Facebook where they copy key features of a rival company in case they fail to acquire it, for instance, Snapchat was the first to introduce camera filters and then it was followed by Facebook, also Instagram Stories are widely seen as a copy of Snap Stories.

Finally, The Wall Street Journal reported that the FTC is looking into Onavo, the VPN company that was acquired in 2013 by Facebook and was shut down early this year after reports that it had been gathering data of user’s app usage and more information that was used later by Facebook to make business decisions as the purchase of WhatsApp.