No More Google News Snippets in France

Google News 1

Fecha: 26 – September – 2019


Google informed that they will no longer show news snippets to their users in France in order to comply with the European Copyright Law.

Via a blog post, Google informed that they will no longer show news snippets from European Publishers to their users in France, this in order to comply with the New European Copyright Law that France just implemented. 

This means that the users will be shown only the headlines and not the first lines of a news article from European Publishers, unless the publisher requests explicitly to show it. 

It is expected that thousands of big and small European Publishers will be affected by these changes, the first who will feel the impact are the publishers on France.

This change will hurt the revenue of all publishers because Google News is one and in some cases the principal way for the news sites to gain visibility and traffic. 

Also, according to information from the Financial Times, Google decided that they will not pay to European Publishers for the rights to show their content on Google News as the New European Union Copyright Law that comes into effect next month requires.

Spain tried to force Google to pay to the publishers for the snippets that they show on Google News, guess what happened? Google News service was shut down in Spain, affecting all the news sites in this country.

Sadly, in the long run, the ones who will be more affected are the citizens, the number of news publishers will decrease, leaving them again with just the usual  [traditional media] streams of news and effectively shutting down new voices that could bring the most needed fresh air to this medium.