New user settings on Google Search Console


Today Google announced via Twitter, that they have new two new features for Google Search Console, which will let website owners have a more granular control over the information that they receive about their website performance on their inboxes.  

The first new feature will let you choose which notifications from Google Search Console you want to receive in your email, by allowing you to subscribe and unsubscribe, if you subscribe you will receive the notifications via email if you unsubscribe you will be only able to see them directly on Google Search Console and not in your inbox, this feature is really useful if you or your client constantly receive emails from Google Search Console that do not require you to take action, but you must be careful with this feature, because it affects all your properties. 

Google search console new features

The second new feature is the option to show or hide the performance data of your website directly on Google Search, when you make a query for your website, the performance data appears on a box in over the results.  


You can enable or disable these two new settings directly on Google Search Console by clicking on the user settings” icon.


We hope these new features let you have a better experience with Google Search Console. 

Paco Salinas

Paco Salinas