New Rules for Branded Content and Brand Collabs Manager for Instagram Creators

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Date: 19 – December– 2019


Today Instagram made two important announcements for influencers and brands, first, they are opening up Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager to a select number of Instagram creators, Brand Collabs Manager is a marketplace, that creators and brands can use to work together and manage their partnership, this way creators can share insights with brands about their analytics.


For the moment only a select group of Instagram creators will be able to use it, but we can expect that in the near future they will open it to more creators, just like it’s on Facebook.


Follow this link if you would like to qualify for Facebook Brands Collaborations


The second announcement that Instagram did was that they are updating their policies to include clearer rules for branded content, under the new rules it’s not allowed to promote goods as vaping, tobacco products and weapons, and there will be special restrictions (yet to be announced) for alcohol and diet supplements.


These new rules will go into effect next year, Instagram is trying to make the platform a safer place for its users and its good to see that also they are giving new tools to the creators that will make easier for them to collaborate with brands.