New Reports for Video Search in Google Search Console

video search results

Date: 07 – October – 20196


Today Google presented two new tools to help you understand the performance of your videos in Google Search and Discover, this way you will be able to identify opportunities to improve and solve possible issues with your videos in Google Search. 


Now you will be able to see the performance of your videos in the main Search results tab and in Discover, using the “Videos” row in the Search Appearance tab, there you can find the number of clicks and impressions, but it’s important to know that your content will only appear there if:


  1. You are using VideoObject structured data [it helps the search engine to understand the videos and display some metadata as well as previews]
  1. Or if Google manages to use other signals to detect that there is a video on the page.
videos performance report
Videos Clicks and Impressions

Talking about VideoObject structured data,  sites that use it to annotate their videos will have a special new report only for “Videos” that will appear under the “Enchantment” section, this report will show you errors and warnings for markup, and yes, you can use this report to validate the issue once you fix it by re-crawling the affected pages. 

videos enhancement report
Errors and Warnings on Videos