Instagram Threads


Date: 03 – October – 2019


Stay in touch with your inner circle of friends on Instagram.

Today Instagram introduced Threads from Instagram, a new application that will allow you to stay in touch with your inner circle of friends your “Close Friends”. Threads is a standalone app that will let you share videos, photos, Stories, Messages, and Status only with them.


The main focus of the app is privacy and speed, that’s why in Threads you are in control of who can reach you in the app, also, Threads allows you to share a photo or video with you closer friends with only two taps by opening directly the camera and then swiping to send the photo or video, making this the fastest way to share that moment with your inner circle.  

Threads Instagram

Status is a new feature available in the app and will allow you to share with your closest friends what you are doing without having to share an image or video,  you can choose between suggested status as ( Studying), Auto Status  ( On the move)  or create your own (Procrastinating) and you can control who can see the status .

When you direct message with your close friends list, the message will appear in Threads and also in Direct

Threads is globally available today.