Messenger Option Now In Stories Ads

Stories Facebook Messenger

Date: 02 – October – 2019


Mohit Rajani, Lead Product Manager of Facebook announced yesterday that they rolled out a new function for Stories Ads, now you will be able to use as Call to Action the function of “Send Message” on Stories, allowing potential clients to contact your business after capturing their attention with the Stories ad. 

According to Facebook, In a recent test, seven out of nine brands that added the Messenger Stories placement to their Stories campaigns saw increased conversions, including app installs, add to carts, purchases, or registrations, compared to campaigns that opted into single stories placements.

This new function on Stories Ads is great news for businesses and marketers, because one of the strengths of Stories is that you can use all the real state of the mobile screen, effectively capturing the full attention of the audience without other distractions and in combination with the option of instant message it has the potential to become a really powerful tool by making the customer route as short as possible.