LinkedIn Business Pages New Features


Date: 17 – October – 2019


LinkedIn rolled out three new interesting tools for Company Pages, two of the tools aim to increase the interaction with and between your employees and the last one is to help you to complete your Business Page.


The first tool is Employee Notifications


Using this tool the Page Admins will be able to send alerts to employees about important posts, this way the employees will be able to engage with the content or share it to their LinkedIn network amplifying the message, this new feature has a limit number of notifications that can send every seven days, preventing your Page from spamming your employees. 


The second tool is Kudos and Team Moments


This tool allows Page Admins to create custom content to increase the interaction within your employees, using Kudos and Team Moments the Admins can create specific content to welcome new team members, recognize and spotlight people  behind crucial moments on the company, the aim of the tool is to help your business to share its human side and insights of the internal culture of the business.

The last tool is the Completion Meter


This tool will help you to find the missing details that your Page has, according to LinkedIn, pages that are complete generate 30% more views per week, this tool is very similar to the meter that is used on the user’s profiles, once that the Page Profile is completed you can gain access to other tools like Content Suggestions.