LinkedIn announces merger of Elevate functionality with organization pages

Linkedin Elevate SK DM News

LinkedIn has announced that it combines the functionality of its Elevate platform with company page tools. It is planned that from December 2020, Elevate will cease to exist as an app.

This integration will help companies expand opportunities for interacting with their important audience through the deeper involvement of their employees in the dissemination of community content and brand protection. In fact, when an administrator publishes a post on a page, 30% of the audience is company employees. In turn, these employees share this content 14 times more often in comparison with its other types. According to LinkedIn, content shared by employees — unlike one shared by the brand itself — attracts an average of 2 times more users.

Another good news is that the Elevate functionality will become completely free, which will undoubtedly increase the volume of information exchange.

Thus, administrators, as before, will be able to curate the unique content that their team members can share and evaluate performance indicators on their page. However, this association will allow them to engage the entire company on LinkedIn to achieve high results.