Justice Department to Review the Acquisition of Looker Data Sciences by Google

Google cloud

Date: 12 – October – 2019


On past June 6, Google announced they will be acquiring Looker Data Sciences in order to add it to Google Cloud, the deal is set for $2.6 billion USD,  Google’s cloud services represent just 4% of the cloud infrastructure market that is currently dominated by Amazon and Microsoft.


The Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission will scrutinize the deal to determine whether its harms competition, it’s a bit unusual for the antitrust authorities to open an in-depth investigation for a small merge like this, but recently they have been criticized for allowing large technology companies to acquire startups that then help them monopolize the market, this has happened before with the purchase by Google of YouTube and DoubleClick.

Currently, Google confronts different antitrust cases opened by the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission and the coalition conformed by almost all the US states attorneys generals, this investigation might also have to be added to the list.