January 2020 Google Update

google core update l

Date: 15 – January– 2019


On Monday morning, Google announced on @SearchLiaison on Twitter that today it will release another update to its core algorithm, called «The January 2020 Core Update», which will be the first such update for 2020. Google usually releases such updates every few months. It was stated that the guidance for such updates remains the same.

An hour after this announcement, at 12:00 Eastern time, Google announced that the update is now working and applies to all data centers.

 Previous updates. The last previous update to the core algorithm was the September 2019 update (Sept. 2019 core update). This update seemed insignificant to many SEO-specialists and webmasters, many said that it did not have such a big impact as previous updates. In addition, Google released an update in November, but this was done specifically for local ranking.

 What should you do if updates to the core Google algorithm affect you?

 In fact, a drop in the rating does not mean that something is wrong with your sites, however, there are no special tools that could eliminate the negative impact of updating the main algorithm. However, as a solution to the problem, Google proposed a list of questions that should be answered if the update affected the operation of your site.

Why should you keep up with Google search ranking algorithm updates?

The fact is that the operation of your site in the search results depends on this. Knowing when Google releases these updates gives us a clear understanding of whether the site’s results were the result of your actions or the updating of ranking algorithms.

We know that Google will release the update today, so stay tuned for your analytics and ratings.