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Instagram, the photography platform owned by Facebook was launch in 2010 with the intention of been a photo sharing platform, now days it has also become a very effective marketing tool

Instagram is not just the platform where people post photos of food, pets, friends, everyday life, vacations or artsy images, this platform is also been used for marketing purposes, if you need a gallery to show your products there is nothing easier than post them on Instagram, on the last century people used to do window shopping, now days they check Instagram on their smartphone.

Does your business should be using Instagram? the short answer is yes, but it depends on what your business do, to clarify, let’s answer this question:

Can you explain with a photography or a short video what you do or sell?

If the answer is YES, then you must use Instagram, there is nothing else to think here, Instagram can be one of your biggest assets, in lemon terms, Instagram it’s the global showcase, where you can find literally anything (as long is allowed by their policy) so, if there is a global showcase with an audience of more than 1 billion monthly active users (that was in 2018) that it’s free, why not use it?.

But if your answer is NO, we might need to consider other angles that could be positive for your business, like use it for brand engagement, most part of the customers are really curious about the behind the scenes of your business, that “behind the scenes” is also related to “business transparency” and it’s on the rise, clients like business that talk openly about their insides, like their internal process, hiring practices, diversity and inclusion efforts and all this can be shown with pictures or small videos, but as always it depends on what you would like for your business.

How business are using it?

Instagram is used by business of all sizes, artists, politicians, activist and entrepreneurs to show their products, drive traffic to their website, stores or share their ideas and opinions, but why Instagram? A very famous Chinese proverb says: “A picture is worth a thousand words” and it has never been more true than now with the extremely fast lifestyle that we have today.

For example a bakery could use it to show their products with beautiful photos, upload images of recently cooked pastries, post some short videos of how they bake a cake and the moment it comes out from the oven, but we will not use Instagram just for uploading photos and videos, do you remember who is the owner of Instagram? Yes, is Facebook, meaning that you have the same tools of Facebook but on Instagram, for this, first you will need the Business version of Instagram, with this version you will be able to do the same marketing campaigns you do on Facebook, use the same tools and also you will be able to choose your audience, follow the stats and link it with your website and that’s just the beginning of what you can do with an Instagram for Business account.

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