Instagram is Testing QR Codes and Group Stories

Instagram Group Stories

Date: 05 – October – 2019


According to a tweet from the app analyst Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane), Instagram seems to be testing a new feature for the Nametag, where now instead of displaying the name of the user and a little Instagram icon, it displays the name of the user and a QR code very similar to Snapchat.

Also via Twitter,  Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane), said that Instagram is also testing Group Stores, something that is really peculiar, because a few weeks ago Facebook was announcing the sunset of Group Stories on Facebook, it’s quite possible that they see a better chance for the feature to be used on Instagram than it was on Facebook, since the feature makes more sense on a photography-centered platform.

Anyway, we will have to wait until the official announcement from Facebook to see if any of these features made the cut, to be rolled out to the public.