How to Use the Community Template Gallery of Google Tag Manager?

templates GTA Template

Date: 06 – October – 20196


 For the owners of websites that have already implemented Google Tag Manager on their sites, now you can have access to Templates via the Community Template Gallery, these templates are provided by Google Tag Manager partners, at the time of writing are 80 Templates.

Google said that the use of the templates will reduce the potential of incorrect implementations of tags in a website, as now you will only need to find the tag of the resource you want to deploy and enter the required information, that usually will be an ID provided by that service, instead of having to create the Tag by yourself.   

Some of the Templates that you can find in the Gallery are for implementations like Acquire, Facebook, Outbrain, Taboola, Smartlook, Contentsquare or even Yandex.

 You can find here the Community Template Gallery and review the Tag you want to implement in your site before adding it to your Tag Manager

 To add the Template to your Google Tag Manager you need to follow these steps:

2. Access your Google Tag Manager Workspace
templates GTA Template login
3. Click on Templates
templates GTA
4. Click on Search Gallery
templates GTA 2
5. Find the Template you want to import
templates GTA 3
6. Click on “Add to Workspace”
templates GTA 4
7. Click on “Add” on the new dialog
templates GTA 5
8. Go to “Tags” on the main menu
templates GTA 6
9. Click on “New”
templates GTA 7
10. And click on “Choose a tag type to begin setup...”
templates GTA 8
11. You will find the tag under the “Custom” section of the “Choose tag type” menu, that comes after the “Featured” one that it’s the first
templates GTA 9
12. Add the information that is needed (Usually an ID)
templates GTA 10
13. Add a Trigger for the Tag
templates GTA 11
14. Name the Tag and Save
templates GTA 12
15. Click on Submit
templates GTA 13 a
16. Finally, Click on Publish
templates GTA 14
Ready!! You have added the tag to your website