How Many Pages You Can Index On Google?

Google Index how

Date: 29 – November – 2019


Indexing your website on Google is a must for every website owner, because this will allow Google to have a directory of your webpages and drive traffic to them, literally is adding your site to Google, but is there a limit on how many pages you can index? 


This is a question that some people have, especially if they have an e-commerce site or a blog that they will plan to update constantly, from adding new products to creating multiple posts on a single day.


This week someone asked this question on Twitter to John Mueller, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, who offered a clear and direct answer, and it’s NO, there is no limit for how many pages you can index on Google, so don’t worry and create as many pages as you want, just remember that the main objective is to help your user and provide a positive experience.