Google Will use Mobile-First Indexing for ALL Websites

Google utilizara la indexación “dispositivos mobiles primero” para todo Internet skdm noticias

Google announced today that by September 2020 they will use mobile-first indexing for all websites, so far 70% of all the websites are already shifted over, and meantime they will continue to move sites when the system detects that the website is ready.

What this means is that Google will be using their mobile smartphone user-agent for crawl and index your website for Google Search, instead of the traditional desktop Googlebot, that afterward will be used occasionally to crawl your site too, but most part of the crawl will be done by the mobile agent. 


So, if your website it’s not mobile-friendly, you must hurry up and fix that, you can use Google guidance for mobile-first indexing to know what you have to keep an eye when doing this optimization, but some of the key factors you must watch out are:


  • Use a responsive web design.
  • Have the same content on mobile and desktop this includes (texts, videos, images, links, metadata, structured data, descriptions, titles).
  • Try to don’t use separate URLs for mobile (known as “m-dot”) because they confuse users and search engines.

If you want to know if your website has been move to mobile-first indexing, go to the Search Console then Settings, there you will find the indexing crawler used on your website, also you can use the URL inspection tool to check specific URLs, and a sure sign that your website has been move to mobile-first indexing is an increase in the Googlebots crawling from the mobile smartphone agent.