Google Will Block Sites With Mixed Content

No more http

Date: 03 – October – 2019


Google announced today that at the beginning of December, Chrome 79 will begin to block web pages with mixed content  [this means that an HTTPS web page contains resources (links, styles, images, scripts…) that loads using the HTTP protocol].

Google urged publishers to be sure that they don’t have mixed content on their websites, since it represents a risk for web owners and visitors, because it reduces the security of the web page and it’s a vulnerability that could be exploited to gain control over the entire site.

What will happen?

On December 2019, Google will automatically try upgrade any content that use the HTTP protocol to HTTPS only if that resource exists, in case it doesn’t exists, Chrome will show an option to allow the user to unblock that insecure resource, but this of course, will affect the user experience and may drive the user leave your site. 

Finally, by January 2020, Google will block all the web pages that have mixed content.

How can you check if your website has mixed content

The easiest way is to use JitBit SSL Checker, this page allows you to check up to 400 pages of your site for free, just write the URL of your website and wait for the results.

And for owners of websites using WordPress, you can use the plugin Really Simple SSL, this will check and FIX any mixed content on your site, also, you can use the Plugin SSEL  in case you have already SSL on your site. 

The deadline is December of this year