Google Search Console Performance Report Data as Recent as Less than 24 hours

fresh data google search report

Date: 23 – September – 2019


Google announced today that they have improved the data freshness of the Performance Report within Google Search Console, instead of having to wait for about two or three days to have the data, now you will have data as recent as less than a day old.

 The Performance Report helps site owners and webmasters to better understand the performance of the site on Google Search, allowing them to know how much traffic comes from search queries, what are the top search queries for the site, the most successful content, from which countries the queries are coming, the devices that the audience are using and the search formats (like AMP, etc.)

date picker google search report

Now also, the report now clearly states the data time zone (Pacific Time).

This update is not currently working on the API yet and it’s not available on the Discovery performance report.

states pacific time google search console

Finally, now also will be easier to explore and export the data, you will need to choose the “dates” in the table that it’s below the graph, select the time frame you are interested in and explore or export the chart.

performance dates table google search report