Google says it’s testing changes in the display of search results

Google search results favicons

Date: 24 – January– 2019


If you don’t see the favicons in Search, it’s not a glitch, just Google making some tests. 


Last week Google changed the design they use to display the results from Search in desktop to mirror the design on mobile, two of the more noticeable changes are the inclusion of the favicon next to the URL of the website and the change of the Ad label from green to black, that now it’s placed in the same position that the website favicon.

This last change provoke widespread criticism from some users that have argued that the new design of the Ad label makes it virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the organic results, while in the previous version it was easier to spot.


Today via Twitter, Google said that they have heard the feedback from the users about the update, and they will begin to make some experiments over the coming weeks, during the test some users might not see the favicons, while others will see them in different placements.

I personally liked the new design, however, the label for the ads must be changed to make it easier to spot, but we will see what does Google decides to do about it.