Google Moves AMP to the OpenJS Foundation

Amp Website
AMP Website

Date: 10 – October – 2019


Google announced today that they are moving the AMP project to the OpenJS Foundation incubation program, this foundation supports projects like Node.js, Webpack and JQuery, and is the result of the merge of JS and Node.js foundations last year. 

AMP is an open-source project that was launched four years ago, the objective of the project is to provide a framework for web developers to create fast, user-friendly web experiences, nearly 1000 people have contributed with code for AMP and more than 30 million domains are already using it on their websites. 

The pages that have implemented the AMP framework appear on the mobile search or discovery page with a symbol that resembles a lighting and usually they charge faster than their non-amp version, but you must be aware that this speed comes with sacrifices in the UX elements in your webpage and there is limited support for Ads, you can view here our site  AMP version: 

Last year Google worked with the community to develop an improved governance model to oversee the AMP’s technical and product direction and announced their intention to move the project to the foundation. 

According to Google, the reasons behind this decision are:

>> AMP’s mission of providinga user-first format for web content” aligns well with the Open JS Foundation’s goals to “promote the widespread adoption and continued development of key JavaScript and web solutions and related technologies.”

>> The OpenJS Foundation offers projects the independence to maintain their own identities, technical focus and product direction while offering key support services that projects look to a foundation for, such as a funding mechanism, legal support, etc.

>> We are already aligned on governance philosophies as AMP’s new governance model was significantly influenced by the governance models of the two organizations that formed the Open JS Foundation, the JS Foundation and Node.js Foundation.

Google is a platinum member of the OpenJS Foundation and will continue to support the AMP project financially and with other forms of support, and the Google employees contributing full time to the AMP open-source project will continue to do it.