Google, Facebook and Amazon About to Face More Questions on Capitol Hill

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Date: 01 – October – 2019


Nydia Velazquez, House Small Business Committee Chairwoman will send an invitation to Google, Facebook and Amazon to visit Capitol Hill and answer questions from her committee about how they may be hurting the competitive space of small businesses. 

The hearing will focus on issues that small businesses face when they have to compete or use the tech giants platforms to promote themselves, this is the case of Amazon, whose online store is used by other sellers, however, there are concerns about the impact they can have on small business when they decide to change the product-search results or when Amazon decides to sell a product itself. 

Facebook has been criticized for the changes that they make to the algorithm that can reduce dramatically the web traffic of businesses and in the case of Google, small businesses have complained about the advertisements that appear next to their search listings, which may drive possible customers to other competitors.

 The hearings with the  Small Business Committee could be scheduled for late October or at the beginning of November