Google announced that the Dataset Search is out of beta

Google data set

Dataset is a selection of data for a specific query. To clarify, we give an example of such a sample for the query “skiing”. In this case, the search results can vary from the speed of the fastest skiers to the income of ski resorts, etc.


Google indexed nearly 25 million different data sets. Over the past year, users have tested this service and left their reviews, based on which Google added new features to Dataset Search. So, it became possible to filter search results by type (for example, text, tables, images) or by whether the provider provides a data set for free. If the request is about a geographical area, we can see a map. In addition, this product is now available on mobile devices


However, something remained unchanged: any publisher can make his content discoverable in Dataset Search using the open standard ( to describe the dataset on his own web site. The Dataset Search service can be useful to a wide range of users, from scientists and students to business analysts and experts on analytical data, from those who seek information on food delivery to those who develop scientific hypotheses. 


The most common queries, according to Google, are: "education", "weather", "cancer", "crimes", "football", "pets", and the most popular data formats are tables (more than 6 million). 


Despite the release of Dataset Search from the beta version, Google said that it was not going to stop there and will continue to improve this product. Waiting for updates.