Google Announced Yesterday a Broad Core Algorithm Update

Google Alogrithm Update

Fecha: 25 – September – 2019


Google announced yesterday that they started a broad core algorithm update that will last several days.  This is the second time that Google has announced in advance a broad core algorithm update. 

Google Alogrithm Update twitter

This type of update affects all websites, since what Google is doing is changing the criteria with which Google selects the pages to display as a result of a user query.  A broad core algorithm update is not aimed at any particular niche, the goal that Google has is to improve their system in general.

During the update Google makes changes to several of the factors it uses to rank the web pages, it is believed that there are between 200 and 500 factors that takes into consideration when deciding the ranking of the results on a search query, so surely the position of your page in the engine of search will change, whether it increases or decreases several places.

If your page falls from position it does not mean that Google is penalizing you, what is happening is that under the new criteria that is the position that Google assigns to the page.

 The best recommendation we can give you if your page was affected by this change is to improve the content, follow the Google guidelines for Webmasters, keep in mind the intention of the user and keep improving your site.