Google AdSense Introduces Auto ads Without Need to Code


Date: 08 – October – 20196


Yes, you read it right, now you will be able to enable Auto Ads without having to mess with the code on your site, because now they will work via the AdSense ad unit code, you only will need to turn them on in your account and they are ready to roll out, also in case you want to exclude Auto Ads from certain pages you can do it by adding those URLs to the “Page Exclusions” list.

 A new feature is the preview tool, that will help you to see how the ad will look on your page before it goes live, this tool also will allow you to delete specific ad placements

 Other new features are that you can specify the Ad formats for Auto Ads, including matched content and have control over the number of ads that will appear by the Ad load slider.

 On the reporting side, now you will be able to see a comparison of the performance of manual ads and auto ads units’ side by side. 

 Finally, Google said that are working on a new type of experiment that will help you to test Auto Ads and obtain accurate performance metrics.