Google Ads Improves Keyword Recommendations and More

Google recomendations 1

Date: 27 – September – 2019


New Keyword Recommendations

Google announced that they are improving the quality and relevance of their keyword recommendations, now they will be suggesting keywords only if they projected that would drive additional traffic, also the keywords recommendations now will contain broad match modifiers [ + ]  

New Table Format for View Recommendations

Google will be rolling out a new table format for view the recommendations, they want to make it easier for you to view the recommendations expected impact and help you to prioritize them, it’s possible to toggle between the original card format and the new table format.

Google said that the new table format will help you to: 

> View and sort your recommendations by largest optimization opportunity.

> See how much your optimization score will change if you adopt a recommendation.

> See a breakdown of scoring and recommendations by campaign.

> Download the table view into Excel.

recomendations table 1
New Table Format for View Recommendations

Apply Recommendations in Bulk

Finally, a new feature available on the manager account level is to apply and dismiss the recommendations in bulk, this feature will help you to save time in case you manage multiple campaigns and accounts