Google Ads Editor Update

Google Ads editor

Date: 10 – November – 2019


Google updated its Ads Editor adding new features and functionalities as search for errors or shared negative keyword lists.


Search for Errors

Now it will be easier for you to find specific errors in your campaigns, you just need to select the “Violation” filter and it will display all the items that present that specific error, allowing you to fix it ASAP.


Shared negative keyword lists

Did you try to share negative keywords lists between accounts? Now you can do it by using the Shared Library, this way your negative keywords lists can be applied to different accounts.


Hide empty repeated fields 

The edit pane used to display all the fields, which resulted in a very lager editing pane and a lot of scrolling to get to the field you need, now the editor will hide the empty fields and you are able to display them when you needed.


Image names

Now you will be able to see the names of the images downloaded from the Google Ads account, and when you upload an image from your computer, the name of the file will be used as the name for the image. 


Maximize Conversion Value 

The Maximize Conversion Value bidding strategy now is supported for Search campaigns, but you must leave the “target ROAS” field blank. 


Discovery Campaigns

This new update of the Google Ads Editor now has full support for Discovery campaigns, including support for single image (multiple asset) Discovery ads, but the support for image carousel is still not available.


Frequency caps on Video Campaigns

There is only support for per-campaign caps, the per-ad and per-ad group caps are deprecated, also you can only have up to 6 caps.