Google Ads Campaign-level Conversion Actions For Video Ads


Date: 09 – October – 20196


Google informed yesterday that now it’s possible to set a conversion action [an action that the user takes that is valuable for the advertiser, as a purchase or the submission of a signup form] at the campaign level for video ads, previously advertisers could only set the conversion actions at the account level. 

Search and Display campaigns have been using this feature before, this way you can override the default account-level setting by selecting conversion actions you want to optimize for at the campaign level, these actions can be included in the “Conversionscolumn, that will help you to evaluate the performance of the ads. 

 Also, it’s possible to optimize a campaign for multiple conversion actions, in this case, you will need to place them into a “Conversion actions set”, it’s possible to apply them across other campaigns that share the same marketing goal.