Google says Goodbye to Flash!


Date: 29 – October – 2019


Google announced that later this year they will stop indexing Flash content for Google Search.


Flash was introduced in 1996 by Adobe as a tool to provide rich animations, media and more eye-catching content on websites, during the second half of 2013 applications using Flash were installed over 500 million times, nowadays Flash is disabled by default in the most popular browsers (Chrome, Microsoft Edge and FireFox).


Google said that “Search will stop supporting Flash later this year. In Web pages that contain Flash content, Google Search will ignore the Flash content. Google Search will stop indexing standalone SWF files.”


According to Google, most users won’t see any impact from this change, however, if your website still uses Flash on some parts of it or entirely, you should update your website as soon as possible, as a reminder, Adobe will end support of Flash Player on December 31, 2020.