Facebook Sets Deadlines for Advertisers


Date: 15 – January– 2019


After the announcement of changes to its ad towards employment, housing and credit ads back in March 2019 afterward repeating the same expectation back in December, this week Facebook has set defined deadlines for all advertisers to adhere to its new requirements, specifically concerning those using Facebook’s Marketing API (those purchasing Facebook ads via third-party tools and platforms).

Before, the modification new Special Ad Category for Facebook was brought about as the result of concordance with civil rights organizations. The reply to matters about ad targeting tools on Facebook will imply that:


  •         All advertisers that are presenting employment, credit and housing opportunities will now possess a set of limited targeted options to utilize in campaigns of theirs. Also, any targeting option in detail appearing or describing to relate to classes protected will not be available.


  •         All of the employment, credit, and housing progress ads that already have been verified will be added in Ad Archive of Facebook, hence providing full integrity over promotions as such.


  •         Anyone advertising or looking forward to run employment, credit or housing ads from now henceforth will not be allowed to target by such categories as age, gender or zip code.


To run these rules, social media will require all advertisers to indicate if their ads provide credit, housing or employment opportunities. They can do this by choosing Special Ad Category. The moment a category is chosen in Ad Manager or through the Marketing API, a set of limited targeting options will then be made available.

Facebook enforce the need that all advertisers that are using ads in all of these categories stated identified any form of active campaigns.

Now, Facebook has enforced new deadlines for the final level of integration.

 The main deadline on March 31st is:

  •         All businesses situated in the U.S or aiming at audiences situated in U.S that are making new ads providing credit, employment or housing chances will get to indicate ads option and make an update in aiming settings which will adhere to limitations for add option campaign. Otherwise, the ads will not be allowed to run any longer.


  •         All businesses that are making ads that do not give credit, employment or housing opportunities should specify “None” in the ads option space for the entire campaigns, otherwise, these ads will no more be allowed to run.
  •         All businesses that are making ads that give credit, employment or housing opportunities aimed beyond the U.S can decide to choose an Ads option and move forward with the aiming categories or select “None”. These ads will no more be allowed to run if there is no designation was made. 

All Facebook advertisers situated in the U.S or who are aiming the audience situated in the U.S should take note of all of the deadlines and also adhering to them will be great.

This is a paramount and important change for social media having a significant impact. It is worth taking the time and understand the changes and how it will be beneficial to your process.