Facebook New Interactive Ads


Date: 22 – September – 2019


On a post, Facebook informed that they are introducing a new series of interactive Ads for advertisers to use, this are Polls Ads, Augmented Reality (AR) Ads and Playable Ads.

Poll Ads will be enabled for Facebook Mobile Feed and are inspired in the success of the poll stickers for Instagram and will be globally available this month, there are three formats:

  • Poll Only
  • Poll + Watch & Browse 
  • Poll + Watch & Install 

Augmented Reality (AR) Ads.

This new format of Ads are be based on the filters and animations that people use in the stories that share on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

“For WeMakeUp, AR Ads on Facebook enabled customers to try on its latest shade of lipstick, and as a result the brand drove a 27.6 point lift in purchases with the average person spending 38 seconds interacting with the ad unit.”

AR ad

Playable Ad Format

These ads are a preview of a game that is able to be played on the cellphone without having to download the game, these ads have three components:

Lead-in video: Short video of the game with an overlay of a game controller. 

Game demo: A demo of your game for people to play without having to install it.

Call to Action: A button that takes people to the App Store or Google Play Store to install the app. 

The goal of this new category of ads is to drive downloads, conversations and brand objectives.

 As an example for Playable Ads, Facebook highlighted the case of Vans: “To complement its holiday game Vans developed for its website, the brand worked with Facebook’s Creative Shop to build a Playable game that lets people guide Vans legend Steve Van Doren down a mountain, collecting gifts along the way. The experience drove a 4.4 point lift in ad recall and a 2.4 point lift in favorability.”

game format

 The playable ad format is now available worldwide.

The main objective of all new ad formats is to help your brand connect with people and attract them to participate, Facebook recommends following the principles of invitation and reward for effective collaborative creativity.

  • Invite:

Invite people to express or challenge themselves and be a part of something fun and worth their time.

  • Reward:

Reward the people who’ve interacted with meaningful content that surprises, delights, challenge or discovers something new.