Facebook is Hiding Likes Count In Australia

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Date: 28 – September – 2019


This past Thursday Facebook began to hide the number of likes of the post in Australia, this way the number of likes will no longer be displayed to the public, only the author of the post will be able to see the count.

This “experiment” will run in parallel with one similar on Instagram, where they are also hiding the number of likes on the posts, by doing these changes, Facebook wants to see if the people experience on the platforms improves and make them feel more comfortable expressing themselves.

For many years’ critics have argued that the likes count could induce people to feel anxiety and have a negative impact on their self-esteem, especially on teenagers and kids. 

From a user point of view, this change might be a positive move from Facebook, since the pressure of knowing how many people give their “approval” to what you just shared via the like button could be negative.

But it remains to see how this change -if implemented globally- will affect Influencers and Marketers, because the number of likes on a post, it is a metric that can be used to know how well your content is doing compared to others on the platform.