Facebook is Making Changes to how it Calculates Organic Page Impressions

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Date: 18 – October – 2019


According to a Tweet of Matt Navarra, social media industry commentator and consultant, Facebook is changing how it calculates organic impressions, these changes will be rolling out between October 17 until October 28, that’s why you will likely see a decline in the numbers of the organic impressions on your page after that date. 

In the text shared by Navarra, Facebook says that the page administrators won’t be able to detect any change until October 28, that’s the day when the process will be finished, but also made clear that this change will not affect the distribution, reach or engagement of the page and posts.


The reason for this change (according to the text) is to make easier for businesses to make comparisons between paid and organic channels by updating the way Facebook filters repeat organic Page impressions and make this methodology more aligned with the one they use for ads, specifically they will be updating the time frame for which Facebook filters out repeat organic impressions from a same person, and as a result you may see less organic impressions for your posts and page.


As today Facebook hasn’t made an official announcement of this change, but we can expect them to make it soon.