Facebook Introducing False and Partly False Labels

facebook missinformation label

Date: 21 – October – 2019


Facebook announced today that as part of their efforts to “Protect” the 2020 US Elections they are introducing labels and special restrictions for preventing false information to go viral and spread in the platforms.

In the case of confirmed misinformation, they will reduce its distribution by removing it from the Explore and hashtags on Instagram and on Facebook they will reduce its distribution in the News Feed. Also if the Facebook Page, domains or Group repeatedly share misinformation, they will reduce their distribution and place restrictions for their advertisements and monetization options. 

Also, they will introduce new labels for content that has been rated false or partly false by third-party fact-checker, and will provide a link to the assessment from the fact-checker. These labels will appear on top of photos, videos, and Stories on Instagram, and on Instagram in case you try to share posts of known misinformation a special pop up will appear.

Instagram fact check

Finally, Facebook said that they will prevent misinformation from going viral, by temporarily reduce the distribution of content that they have signals that it may be false until a fact-checker review it, they will implement this on the US and other countries