Facebook Has New Rules for Political Ads in Singapore


Date: 28 – September – 2019


Facebook has introduced new requirements in Singapore for ads related to elections, politics and social issues, ahead of the upcoming elections in the city-state.  

With these new rules, Facebook is trying to increase the transparency and authenticity of the ads, reduce the spread of misinformation and prevent the possible interference of foreign forces in the elections, similar rules have been applied in other countries like the US and Brazil

The ads related to those categories will have a “Paid for by” disclaimer and will remain in the Ad Library for seven years, there the users can see some data about the ad like it’s spent, range of impressions and demographic information of the audience that saw it as age, location, and gender.  

Facebook informed that the authorization for run ads related to  Civil and Social Rights, Immigration, Crime, Political Values and Governance may take a few weeks to complete and recommended to advertisers to start the process as soon as possible.   

In order to be authorized by Facebook to run ads related to those topics, it’s necessary to confirm the identity, location and who is responsible for the ad by providing information like a phone number, email and website

The advertiser can select a Page they run, an organization or themselves to appear in the “Paid for by” disclaimer, this way the advertisers will hold accountable for the ads they run on Facebook and Instagram.  

Ad Library API

Facebook offered free access to the Ad Library API to everyone who wants to study political advertisement, including researchers, journalists or academics and in the next few weeks, they will introduce the Ad Library Report that will make easier for people to obtain information about ads related to social issues, elections and politics.