Facebook Giant Data Breach Lawsuit Could be Tossed Away

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Date: 27 – September – 2019


The lawsuit that was filed last year on behalf of 18 Facebook users (which 16 have dropped out and one was dismissed by the judge) against Facebook for the breach on the data of 30 million users could be dismissed, because the remaining user has not been able to produce any evidence to back up his claims of been victim of phishing attacks after the data breach. 

 The data breach was revealed a year ago, in which hackers obtained access to millions of users accounts by exploiting software bugsFacebook managed to act quickly to contain the damage and protected more sensitive information like credit card numbers. 

On Thursday Facebook requested the judge to not grant the case the class-action status and dismiss it entirely due to the lack of any evidence that supports the claims of the victim.  Previously in June, Facebook requested to dismiss the case, but a federal judge rejected the request. 

 The remaining plaintiff, Stephen Adkins, claimed that he was “bombarded” by phishing emails and lost time “sorting through” them, but he has only produced three spam emails that were received six months after the attack, and those do not contain any of the information that was compromised during the attack.