Facebook adds a new element called Experiment to Ad Manager to help optimize ad performance

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To maximize the effectiveness of your advertising, Facebook offers to devote time to creative approaches and setting different targeting options to determine which combinations give the best results.

To do this, Facebook added a new element to the Ad Manager this week called Experiments. This new feature will help you centralize all of your tests and Facebook advertising results, making it easier to track and analyze, which ultimately will help increase the effectiveness of your actions.

As Facebook explains, the Experiments feature combines several types of tests, formerly called Test and Learn and Split Testing, which allow marketers to run test campaigns and measure conversion and increase brand awareness in one place. Thanks to a more optimized interface, in the Advertising Manager it is easier to choose the right test for business purposes, create tests, scale the work of those tests that have shown their effectiveness, integrate ideas into marketing strategies and help business growth.

In fact, the Experiments element does not contain anything new, but, as Facebook notes, combining different test options in one place will help you choose the right test for your campaign.

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Also, for your convenience, each test option includes additional tips and explanations so that you better understand what you are testing. When you click on the test, you also get more informational tips during the installation process that will help you navigate.

Testing is the basic principle of any successful advertising campaign. Even minor, it would seem, changes, for example: a different image, a different formulation, can be of great importance, but the only way to find out is to conduct testing. The Experiments element will certainly facilitate this process.

Anastasia Korepanova

Anastasia Korepanova