Facebook Customizable Stories Templates

facebook stories

Date: 18 – October – 2019


Facebook Stories Ads are a great asset for brands because it helps them to have a visual impact on the consumer, since the ad display in full screen it allows to effectively capture their full attention, Stories Ads are not something new on Facebook, what’s new is the introduction of customizable templates for Stories on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.


The customizable templates will help you to adapt to your creative assets to the Stories format with minimal effort, the template offers you different background colors, text options, and cropping options, as a result of this you can save time and resources creating an ad that looks native for the stories format.


According to Facebook, customization of stories ads templates allows you to improve the campaign performance, and used as a study case the ads of Streetbees, company who helps businesses glean real-time insights, when they used the automatic template, they saw 468 incremental app installs, and when they used a customizable stories templates, they saw an additional 40% increase in incremental app installs and a 29% reduction in cost per incremental click compared to when using the automatic default template.”

Facebook Stories Template

You can choose the templates while creating an Ad in the media section, there click over “Select a placement to customize” and then “Instagram Stories” there you can select different templates, some of the templates also allow you to add music and effects to the call to action button.